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Introduction :

In technical education, it is highly required that the students are exposed to more of hands-on-practices, and are involved in the application part of the theoretical knowledge.To overcome the problem of the limited time period  in a semester,we have incorporated the technique of Computational Thinking  Concept,wherein the  students  form a team, and the team is advised to implement a mini-project.The students are asked to form a team,and each team is asked to implement a small project and to submit the same at the end of the semester.Every semester students have to showcase their  respective learnt Programming skills through Mini Projects. The onspot programming skills of students are evaluated through miniproject reviews.

Students are also encouraged to partcipate in various source code contests conducted as a part of club activities.


  • The students are asked to form a team.
  • The title or the technical idea of the mini-project and the selection of team are choices of the team itself.
  • The resources which can be used are the text books, technical magazines and the internet.
  • The final deliverables are exhibited at the end of the semester.

Expected Outcome

  • The student will be able
  • To develop their coding skill with development & Testing of the Projects.
  • To understand the different IDE’s