Dr. N V Uma Reddy

Professor & Head – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The Department of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at NHCE was established in the year 2020 and offers UG graduate program. The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) have accredited the institution. The department comprises with highly qualified, motivated and experienced faculty members in AI domain. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a promising program, has immense potential to change each sector of the economy for the benefit of the society. Soon there would hardly any industry any industry / sector which would be untouched by this powerful tool in India.

AI is an amalgamation of Data Science and Machine-learning technique is to mimic the cognitive behavior of the human for solving real time predictive modeling/recommender system. In this Digital era, Data is the heart of Information with enormous scope for analytics. Data Science is the technique there lot of investigation, interpretation and conversion happen for understanding the inherent meaning of the data to build AI application. The curriculum hardly focuses on 5 pillars of AI technology such as Data science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big data analytics, visualization and deployment of the predictive model. After graduation, the students become a smart solution provider to the modern problems for the major sectors like Agriculture, Health care, Education, Infrastructure, Manufacture, Entertainment etc.,

Applications of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Consumer Market Automotive Industry Medical Applications Household Products
Aerospace Engineering Robotics Engineering Space Engineering Mobile Computing
Ticketing Monitoring of day to day living and non-leaving things Agriculture and floriculture