Event details:
The event was conducted on 26th June 2023 from 11:00 am to 3:30 pm

Event description:
The Brainiacs Club at New Horizon College of Engineering organized an engaging AI and IT event on 26th June 2023, offering participants an immersive experience into these exciting fields. The event featured activities such as the intriguing Fun Quiz, which tested participants’ knowledge of AI-related topics. The popular prompt engineering challenge showcased participants’ creativity and problem-solving abilities as they recreated AI-inspired images using carefully crafted prompts.

Round 1: Fun Quiz

The first part of the event was the highly anticipated Fun Quiz, which proved to be a major highlight. Participants demonstrated remarkable enthusiasm and involvement as they tackled the challenging quiz questions. Their knowledge and expertise in AI and IT were clearly on display as they eagerly competed for the quiz champion title. The engaging and time-based format of the quiz kept participants on their toes, showcasing their quick thinking and accuracy.

Round 2: Prompt Engineering
The second part of the event featured the popular prompt engineering challenge. Participants were tasked with recreating AI-inspired images using prompts and instructions provided. This activity sparked immense creativity and determination among the participants. They embraced the challenge wholeheartedly, putting in exceptional effort to generate prompts that perfectly matched the given image. The commitment and variety displayed in their prompts were commendable, reflecting their dedication to achieving accurate and visually appealing representations.

Overall, the event proceeded smoothly, and the participants’ high level of involvement contributed to its success. The organizers were thrilled to witness the enthusiasm and satisfaction of the participants, who wholeheartedly embraced the event’s activities. These engaging AI and IT events not only provided a platform for participants to showcase their skills but also fostered a sense of camaraderie and intellectual exchange within the AI community. Brainiacs Club is proud to have organized such successful events and looks forward to hosting more in the future, further igniting curiosity and enthusiasm for AI and IT.