Evolve AI club activity- DOWN N’ ACROSS

Down n’ across

Venue:  Department of AIML

Date: 3rd January, 2023.

Time: 02:00 PM-05:00 PM

Faculty Co-ordinator’s: Prof. Kavyashree C

Student Coordinators:

Chris Vinson K – 1NH20AI022 – President

Tanya Singh – 1NH20AI107 – Vice-President

Adhithya B N – 1NH20AI003 – Secretary

Rishabh Solanki Singh – 1NH20AI087 – Treasurer

Abhishek Sai – 1NH20AI002 – Board Member

Arshad Pasha – 1NH20AI009 – Board Member

Bhavna Brahma – 1NH20AI016 – Board Member

Priya N – 1NH20AI080 – Board Member

Smirna Paul – 1NH20AI099 – Board Member

Sooryendhu Pramodh – 1NH20AI100 – Board Member

Chandan Abhishek Sridharan – 1NH20AI123 – Board Member

Total Number of Internal Participants: 78

Total Number of External Participants : 0

Targeted Audience:  Students from  AIML, ECE, EEE, CSE, ISE, CE, CIVIL, AU, MECH students


Description of the Event:


The co-curricular club of the AIML department, EVOLVE.AI conducted an event, Down n’ Across, which was an Inter-Department level event consisting of multiple technical rounds. The event was based on general and technical knowledge to test the awareness, efficiency and competency of all the participants. The motive of this event is to enhance the analytical logical of students to see how fast they are in solving the problems in a limited amount of time, hence establishing the motive of our club within the event.

The event was initiated and conducted on 3rd January, Tuesday , 2023 from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.




The first round was a crossword-based round in which 6 different sets were prepared. Each set had 7 columns, the answers of which could be found from the 7 provided clues. Once the player got these 7 clues, they found a horizontal final 7-lettered answer. The knowledge and the swift thinking of the participants was tested. The participants were then judged based on their time and scores. A total of about 70 participants showed up of which 12 were selected for the next round.

Participants solving questions in round 1 as quickly as possible to proceed to the next round.



The top 12 participants from the previous round were selected for this round based on who finished the crossword with the right answer int the set. This was a snakes-and-ladders based round. The players will be split into 3 tables of 4 players each. On each table, the 4 players played against each other on a 7×7 snakes and ladders board that resulted in 1 winner per board.


1st) Vinay V Badigar (1NH21EC183)

2nd) Sharath Ram (1NH20AI001)

3rd) Karthik Koyyalamudi (1NH21IS073)