FDP on IBM Power9 Processor System

An FDP entitled “IBM Power9 Processor System” was conducted on 16th February 2023 by Department of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in association with Industry Institute Interaction Cell.
The resource person of the FDP was Mrs. Sri Kamani, Technical Manager at Object Automation System Solutions Pvt Ltd and Mr .Shiva, System Administrator, Object Automation Pvt Ltd. The FDP was inaugurated by Dr. N. V. Uma Reddy HOD, AIML by welcoming all the distinguished guests Dr.Sanjeev Sharma, Dean QASDC, Mr.Binod Kumar Singh, Head IIC and Corporate Relations, Mr.Tarun Batra, Chief Operating officer, resource persons and participants of the FDP.
The resource persons were felicitated by Dr .N.V. Uma Reddy HOD-AIML and Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, Dean QASDC.
The FDP provided insights on IBM Server, how to establish connection with Server, how to create new users in server and assign permission, opening applications in server etc. A hands-on session using an application Mobaxterm was provided in which all the participants performed the concepts which was explained in the FDP. Insights were also provided on how database can be accessed and
visualized in Jupyter Notebook.
The FDP was concluded by a valedictory function in which participants gave their valuable feedback and a vote of thanks was proposed by HOD-AIML.


Feedback Analysis
1.Is the objective of the program clearly defined?
100% responded as the objective of the program clearly defined?
2. Is the topic covered relevant to the event?
100% responded as topics covered relevant to the event
3. Has the program objective met?
100% responded as the objectives are met
4. Is the time allotted for the event sufficient
92.3% responded the time allotted was sufficient
Suggestions from Participants
1. Extend the FDP for one week, as contents are vast
2. The session went very effectively and we learn more with additional sesions
3. It will be more helpful to have sessions or FDPs periodically based on the new packages and
applications developed by IBM