FDP on Optimizing Machine Learning Workflows

5-Day Industry Intensive Faculty Skill Development Program on Optimizing Machine Learning Workflows: Data Pipelines, Explainable AI and MLOps in Research & Practice was held from 24/06/24 to 28/06/2024 and was graciously sponsored by the Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)Karnataka section. The program aimed to enhance the understanding and practical skills of faculty members, scholars, and industry professionals in the domain of machine learning operations (MLOps).

The FDP featured a diverse range of sessions led by esteemed resource persons, Mr. Samikkumar Shah, Data Scientist, Target, Bangalore, Mr. Krishna Dave, Founder & CEO, Mr. Harish, Co-Founder & CTO, of Preprod Corp. Bangalore, Mr. Raghu Prasad, CEO of Kaushalya Tech, Bangalore, to cover the key aspects of MLOps, including data handling, business problem-solving with AI and ML, data pipeline implementation, Explainable AI (XAI), and cloud-based MLOps solutions.