“Industrial Talk on “Data Engineering and MLOps Pipeline”

Event Name: “Data Engineering and MLOps Pipeline”

Event Description:

Department of AI & ML, Alumni Association NHCE and Innovation Club, have taken an initiative to conduct the Industrial Talk on “Data Engineering and MLOps Pipeline”. The modern market expects AI and ML engineers to effectively and reliably implement and maintain machine learning models in production. This industrial session will cover machine learning procedures aimed at optimising the process of deploying machine learning models to production, followed by monitoring and maintenance. The Industrial talk on Data Engineering and MLOps Pipeline was planned and conducted for the 7th and 5thSemester students of AI & ML department.


Event Initiated and conducted detail:

Event was conducted from 12th December 2023 (10:00am to 12:00pm).

Mode of Conduction: Offline mode

Resource Person: Mr.Harish.S, Co-Founder, Prepprodcorp