MONAI workshop

Mr.Brad Genereaux addressing on MONAI framework at NVIDIA

The event was conducted at the NVIDIA office located in Mahadevapura on 04/10/2023. The keynote speaker was Mr.Brad Genereaux who is the Global Lead, Healthcare Alliances at NVIDIA. The discussion was mainly on the Healthcare AI Factory which has been the dream of NVIDIA. The main highlight of the talk was their framework MONAI, a Python library used for image processing in the medical field. This tool is highly valuable for training models to label medical images. It requires training on only a small number of images, after which it automatically generates labels for the rest of the dataset. This significantly reduces human effort and helps avoid human errors. During the event, they discussed various AI-related courses that can be accessed for free from their websites. Additionally, they encouraged attendees to register on the NVIDIA Developer website to stay updated on the latest cutting-edge technologies. The event was an eye opener to various new innovations and AI technologies in the field of Healthcare.

Keynote Speaker:

Mr. Brad Genereaux,

Global Lead, Healthcare Alliances at NVIDIA.

Date: 4th October 2023

Venue: NVIDIA Office, Mahadevapura, Bangalore

Program attendees from NHCE

1.Ms. Supriya B Rao – Asst Prof -NHCE

2.Ms. Fizza Mirza – 7th sem, AIML

3.Mr.Karthik – 7th sem,AIML