NVIDIA Jetson Ambassador Program

Program Agenda:


 The Jetson Ambassador Workshop took place from the 29th to the 1st of December 2023 at the NVIDIA Office in Mahadevapura, Bangalore. The workshop centered around the utilization of NVIDIA® Jetson™, a platform highly regarded by professional developers for creating groundbreaking AI products across various industries. Additionally, the platform serves as an excellent tool for hands-on AI learning and the execution of innovative projects, making it invaluable for both students and enthusiasts. Focus was given to the small, power-efficient production modules and developer kits integral to the Jetson platform. Mr.Romin Chittettu emphasised on Jestson nano kits which is designed for high-performance acceleration, facilitating Generative AI at the edge. Practical guidance was given on effectively utilizing Jetson for AI applications. Participants received support and mentorship in building their AI projects. Workshop organizers, Mr. Unnikrishnan, Ms. Subhashini, and Ms. Mariyam, played a pivotal role in guiding participants through project development.

The Jetson Ambassador Workshop proved to be a valuable learning experience, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application in the field of AI. The support and guidance provided by NVIDIA professionals and workshop organizers contributed to the successful implementation of the workshop’s objectives. Department of AIML had received 9 Jetson Nano Kits as award from NVIDIA.


  • Mr.Unnikrishnan A R.

         Head Developer Relations – South Asia             NVIDIA

  • Mr.Romin Chittettu,

         Deep Learning Solutions Engineer,                     NVIDIA

Date: 29th, 30th November, and 1st December 2023

Venue: NVIDIA Office, Mahadevapura, Bangalore

Nominated faculty Ambassador’s from NHCE

  1. Dr. Sreejith S
  2. Mr. Ramesh Prasad
  3. Ms. Supriya B Rao
  4. Ms. Shravya Shetty

Nominated student Ambassador’s from NHCE

  1. Chethan S P
  2. Dhiran Kumar Reddy. P
  3. Rahul Jauhari
  4. Kamlesh Seervi
  5. Gowtham M N