Orientation Programme for 3rd Semester

Venue: Falconry Seminar Hall
Date: 25th October 2023

On October 25, 2023, the orientation program for the incoming 2023-24 batch unfolded with a sense of enthusiasm and warmth. Dr. Sowmya H. K, in her welcome address, set the tone for the day, extending a gracious welcome to the new students. This was followed by Dr. N. V. Uma Reddy, the Head of the AIML department, who provided an insightful introduction to the department, shedding light on its goals, values, and academic offerings.

Dr. Uma Maheswaran shared his expertise by addressing common myths surrounding artificial intelligence, creating a fascinating context for the students to explore the field. The students themselves played a pivotal role in making the orientation memorable.

Ms. Tanya Singh , student of 7th Sem took the stage and provided a brief overview of the technical clubs at college and department level. Mr. Praneeth, & Mr. Aditya , students of 7th Sem  provided  a brief overview of the IEEE Chapter in our college. Mr. Om Kumar Patra , student of 7th Sem gave a glimpse into the Toastmasters club in our college. He described how it is useful for effective communication and public speaking. He also shedded light on cocurricular and extra-curricular clubs and activities in college. This interaction offered valuable insights into the various clubs available within the department and the broader college community, providing new students with numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The 7th-semester students organized an array of engaging activities, kickstarting with a lively “Guess the Song by Emoji” game, which not only entertained but also fostered interaction and camaraderie among the new batch. The engagement continued with an online technical quiz, where participants demonstrated their knowledge and quick thinking. Winners were awarded with chocolates and other snacks, adding an element of fun competition to the day’s events.

Post lunch day was occupied with a pop quiz that challenged students’ knowledge about anime, followed by spirited rounds of dumb charades, which left everyone in high spirits. The eventful day not only provided valuable information and insights into the department and college but also created a sense of belonging and togetherness among the incoming students.

It was a day where knowledge met fun, and the new batch felt truly welcomed into the academic

community and it was concluded with vote of thanks by Prof. Jimsha K Mathew.