Technical Talk on “Importance of Data Science

Date: 21/05/2022

Time: 05:00 pm to 6:00pm

The program was organized for the students to understand the importance of Data Science. Dr.N.V.Uma Reddy, HoD – Department of AI & ML welcomed the participants by addressing the significance of the talk. Mr. Bhargava R, Sr. Assistant Professor, delivered the welcome address.

Mr. Pramoda K V, Senior Data Scientist, Aveksha Technologies, Bengaluru, was invited as a Guest Speaker.

The talk was arranged to expose the industrial view of Data Science and understand the basics of it. The guest speaker started his presentation with how to choose the language for Data Science, the importance of the Statistics in data science, the comparison with analogy, how to identify the data science problem, and elaborated on the implementation. He also provided some important aspects of the data scientist and data engineer. At the end of the

session, he concluded by saying data scientist jobs are most paid jobs and also gave the comparison of salaries.